Maeva Investments is an internationally recognized boutique investment firm specializing in energy and emerging technologies in Mexico, Latin America and Africa. We discover investment opportunities and structure projects and attached financing. This may include identifying key partners and investors, financial modeling, debt and equity structuring, feasibility studies, as well as implementation support. Maeva Investments can act either as a co-investor or as a consultant, advising our clients on all aspects of these transactions.

We have great competitive advantages: first of all the competence and strength of our business network allows us to have direct access to the highest level of decision and to stay informed of the latest opportunities. It also allows us to quickly mobilize the main stakeholders of a project, responding immediately to changing circumstances. In addition, Maeva minimizes its costs by leveraging a network of expert partners that enables it to offer our services at competitive rates or to act as a co-investor.

The Maeva Investments team is trustworthy, efficient and experienced. Contact us now to start the conversation.