Angéline Fournier

Angéline Fournier, Founder and CEO

Cofounder of Maeva Investments, Angéline Fournier has more than 20 years of experience in the structuring and financing of new energy and technology projects in Latin America, Africa, and most recently in Mexico. She works with investors from Europe, North America and Asia to open new markets and investment opportunities. Before founding Maeva, she worked as an international affairs lawyer in the biggest legal offices in Paris and Montreal, then as vice-president of the strategic planning firm Gamma/IsoGroup. She was named as one of the “Women Leaders of the Future” in 2015 by the business magazine Entreprendre and was selected as a Canadian Diversity 50 board member in 2016. In 2017 she launched the “Connected Green Cities Initiatives”, which aims at participating in the green development of small cities in Mexico and Latin America. She is on the advisory board of the micro-credit organization FINCA, and is a frequent speaker at global investment conferences on the subjects of energy, green cities, water, technology and agri-business. Angéline is a member of the Paris bar and holds a Masters of Corporate Law from Paris V, a Masters of Comparative Law from McGill University and a diploma in Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution from the Harvard Law School.

ADVISORS This group of senior advisors from Maeva Investments specializes in the development of renewable  energy and  sustainable projects in Latin America and Mexico .

Maeva’s team of experts brings to the projects their vast experience in project financing,  structuring and Investment.

Eleonore Fournier-Tombs

Dr. Eleonore Fournier-Tombs, Special Advisor Analytics

Eleonore Fournier-Tombs is a data scientist with 10 years of experience at the United Nations and the World Bank. She holds a PhD in computational social science from the University of Geneva.

Dr. Alhamdou Diagne, Special Advisor Africa

Dr Diagne has 25 years experience in business development in Africa at the highest levels.  He as arranged transactions in most of sub-sahara Africa.

Dr. Pablo Nazar, Special Advisor South America

Dr. Nazar owns an 8,000-hectare family estancia in Argentina. He is an investor in many agro-industrial projects. Dr. Nazar has 30 years of experience in the sector.