Maeva Investments has created numerous partnerships with companies around the world that enable it to carry out its projects and those of its clients in Mexico, South America and Africa. Here are some examples of our work in these areas:

  • Structuring, financing and implementation of several solar farms wind farms in Africa and South America
  • Structuring, financing and implementation of several telecommunications projects in Africa and South America
  • Structuring the hospital renovation and a medical simulator in Latin America
  • Development of a Railroad Renovation Project for a Government of South America
  • Structuring and financing of electricity trading projects


Maeva Investments specializes in the development, financing and implementation of energy projects in the emerging markets of Latin America, Africa and more recently Mexico.

In developing countries, energy needs are significant and growing. Moreover, some countries that have always practiced monopolies have opened their doors to private investment by liberalizing the energy market, which transforms the investment landscape. Thus in Mexico the companies and investors can now engage in the exploration and extraction of natural resources; processing and refining of oil and natural gas; storage, transportation and distribution of hydrocarbons, petroleum by-products and petrochemicals; production, production and trading of electricity. There are also many opportunities for renewable energy projects in emerging countries and companies are taking advantage of solar and wind resources in these regions and favorable government policies to develop renewable energy parks.

As an investor and structurer of energy projects both in Latin America and Africa, Maeva Investments has developed experience and expertise in this field and our team will be happy to advise you.


Maeva Investments is also developing in the field of innovative technologies. We see great opportunities in artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and software engineering, and have established relationships with universities and governments in some countries such as Mexico to foster the development of new technology centers.

We believe that certain regions, such as Yucatan, offer a particularly suitable environment thanks to good universities, government support (tax breaks for new businesses) and a stable and secure environment.